Ferro JAV II

Category in which he competes:
5 Years

Ferro JAV II is a colt with excellent physical structure for Classical Dressage, large with a sporty rump and back, good bone structure and well-positioned and offloaded neck.

The blood brother of FERRO JAV, heir of his parents, UBEDO and FALINA, he combines physique, personality and great movements for competition.

FERRO JAV II is a colt with standout talent, excellent character and impressive qualities for this sport.

Two months after being broken in, he already began to show important qualities that set him apart from others: balance, rectitude, regularity, elasticity, presence, amplitude, poise etc. with all this added to his three excellent airs, a powerful stride, wide and versatile back section, highly regular trotting patterns and with an excellent upward and jaunty leap that he can hold in the air effortlessly.

We genuinely believe that in him we have one of the brightest hopes in this sport.

Trainer in clinics D. Jan Nivelle, category San Jorge.

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