Ilustre LXIII

Category in which he competes:
San Jorge

ILUSTRE is a chestnut coloured horse measuring 1.66 cm. tall, of excellent breeding as he comes from an illustrious lineage, added to a magnificent rump (higher muscular) fine hocks and along with very assured poise. His rear part provides him with the strength necessary to compete in Classic Dressage, taking advantage of his long back. He is the offspring of ESTIMADO XV, deemed particularly sporty thanks to the excellent airs he posses and the genetic base provided by the breeder José Luis de la Escalera. His mother is Banquera XII, one of the most renowned mares in our breeding centre who has provided us with an endless stream of quality products in the field of Classic Dressage , being the product of the MILITARY BREEDING CENTRES.

ILUSTRE has three airs of the very highest level, his stride is wide, exceeding easily his footprint and with back that jut out freely, His trot is hangs in time and is wide, whilst his gallop is jaunty and well-maintained, and featuring a highly elastic torso,

To these qualities we can add the fine character and ease of handling that he always shows thanks to his good head and intelligence.

Entrenador en clinics D. Jan Nivelle, categoría San Jorge.

Family tree

  • ANCCE Cup winner Oliva Nova (May 2012 Category 4 years) preliminary and third in the final in his first contest.
  • Third place in the final of the VI Festival D.C. in the RACE ( Madrid 2012 , Category 4 years).
  • Second in the final of ULZAMA (Navarra 2012 , Category 4 years) with a score of eight gallop.

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