Armas Zelindo

Category in which he competes:
San Jorge

We consider Armas Zelindo to be a horse that meets all of the qualities required in order to triumph in dressage competition and as well as a stud, as he combines completeness in all senses with a strong physical presence. His movements in the three airs (step, trot and gallop, along with his first-rate excellent suspension) his genetic lineage through the steps of ALBERO II (father of NAVARRO VI and the offspring of the latter, ENDRINO and FRESÓN, whilst also through HALAGÜEÑA, daughter of ENDRINO), go to ensure these qualities to a further level, being, on a morphological level a well-grounded horse of excellent stock. All of the foregoing leaves us in no doubt that we have before us a horse that symbolises the aims of our breeding centre with a view towards competition in Classic Dressage.

Many are the qualities we could list regarding t this magnificent animal. In terms if his physical attributes, his cross-section and rangy back allows for him to enjoy notable freedom. His neck is perfectly fitted and of optimum length. He also boasts a sturdy rump and hocks. These major qualities the fruit of Armas Zelindo have meant that he has a promising future in the world of CLASSICAL DRESSAGE, as he has excellent suspension, a wide and wonderful stride, an elastic trot and great freedom of movement in the back-section, providing a great deal of power from the rear section. His gallop has been described as one of the best you will ever see in a Pure Spanish Thoroughbred. As well as the foregoing, it is worth mentioning that he is a tremendously well put together horse with excellent breeding and character.

Trainer in clinics D. Jan Nivelle, category San Jorge.

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