Banquero JAV

Category in which he competes:
San Jorge

Banquero a specimen with wonderful qualities for Classic Dressage, as well as being highly talented. He has a first-rate girth and noted muscularity, both in the back section, which is long and powerful, as well as the posterior third. He boasts large hind-quarters along with strong buttocks. His neck is perfectly inserted and offloaded.

Blood brother of ILUSTRE LXIII.

Banquero has a fine stride, gliding trot and firm gallop.

At the present time, and due to his immense talent for Classic Dressage. he is already performing PIROUETTES, HOOF CHANGES every three and every two strides, piaffe and passage.

Without fear of equivocation we can say that this specimen could make his debut at the age of seven in San Jorge and with 8 in Grand Prix, as at the present time he could compete at the level of the latter.

Trainer in clinics D. Jan Nivelle, category San Jorge.

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