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Spanish Thoroughbred Horses (STH) for Classical Dressage

The genetic quality of our stallions guarantees the finest breeding.
Our stud farm offers stallions and mares that have been brought in from the most renowned morphological and functional lines.

Sports Genetics

We seek out the most revered lineage on offer for Sports STH with regard to “Movements”. Contained in our portfolio you will find examples such as Agente Lebrijano III, Ganador VIII, Navarro VI, Alberto II, César, Vinatero III, Ermitaño III (recently appointed the “stallion elite”), and the current Armas Tarugo y Estimado XV, all of them large-sized Sports STH horses.

Physical Structure

Sharply angled backs, outstanding cross-sections, slightly smooth dorsum, long hind-quarters joined to powerful and muscular buttocks (the latter quality is found in mares and foals descending from two great stallions: Estimado XV (owned by Centro de los Arcos) and Úbedo AM. Other standout features are long and offloaded necks, fine osseous structure and well-formed limbs, including adequate height.


It is well known that the Spanish Thoroughbred Horses has a very good character. Whilst this is true, it is essential that, as well as the selection of the mothers and fathers for breeding, this magnificent quality must be duly enhanced through professional and meticulous handling thus to achieve greater development aims during each stage of the horses’ development and training.



This quality is essential in our selection. In addition to looking especially for amplitude in the three airs, we aim to find in our fouls a step where the footprint is clearly exceeded and backs jut out freely upon the impulse of the hand. Trotting in which the feet go perfectly under the body mass unhindered and canters featuring an exalted step. Furthermore, we consider suspension to be an essential element.

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